Semalt: How To Block A Site From Showing Up In Some Google Search Results

The typical internet browsing experience is usually full of many spam links. For instance, a parent might want to block adult content in situations children are accessing the internet. In other browsing cases, you may need to remove some annoying results from your search results. In many cases, you may need to learn how to block some websites from showing up on your Google Search Result Pages.

Michael Brown, an experienced specialist of Semalt, assures that it is possible to prevent these sites manually from the Google account preferences. Following some updates, Google incorporated this feature to ease your irritation. You can be able to filter out previously visited pages from your search result pages.

To enjoy this feature, you need to create a Google account. Upon rating an account, go to the website you need to block from view in the view. Initially, you may not see any block option on your Google search view page. This is because Google does not want this to be a user's first impression. Google wants you to have a better experience, and that's why they choose to hide this option. Moreover, people can return to their hide list from their Google account preferences.

Go to the domain of the website you need to block from the search results. From this block menu feature, you can be able to go to Google and prevent an entire domain from appearing on a user Search result. In other instances, one may need to block a whole site. In this case, you can apply the 'block all' websites. You can also be able to navigate to the show blocked results to view these sites. From here, you have the option of controlling or managing the blocked websites.

To go to this menu, login to your Google account and search your query. Go to the "manage blocked websites" manager via search settings. From here, you can go to settings and manage your blocked websites. You can unblock a site from here.

Some users may employ the use of browser extensions to control the website traffic. In these cases, people tend to use aspects like the BlockSite extension to control its behavior. Moreover, one can also set up a password to control the way people use the browser. This can prevent a person from setting up a different configuration on the browser.


In some cases, it is essential to block some search results from keeping showing up on Google search page. These search results come and make the entire web browsing experience tiresome, especially if you are using same keywords to control the search results. In other cases, people may need to put in parental control features from a computer browser. This SEO article can teach you how to block a website from the Google search results. You can prevent the annoying search results which keep repeating for various keywords which feature mostly in your searches. You can also be able to set up a website blocklist for websites you do not want to your Google search console.